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About Me... My name is Adini.. Just turned 20 last Oct 5. . Life has been fuckiN' cruel to me for these past three years. . But I guess I am as strong as Fawwaz said. . Enduring it with total confidence yet excruciatingly painful. .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Injury

Not to brag or whatsoever, but for the past few weeks, I have been quite active in terms of staying healthy and keeping myself fit (hear that Queen A? Queen M? And yes you there whom have been practicing your sleeping skills XD)
Let see, I’ve been sweating like a cat (I chose cat instead of *you know what* cuz it is cuter and cleaner) in the gym once a week for 2 weeks in a row with my junior (Syuk, Athirah & Ana) and dance to various beats with the fan in my room turned off (so that I can sweat even more). Seriously guys, dancing in the heat is one the best way to attained a sexy (seksi kerr..?) figure and keeping it without so much of extreme diets. And speaking of diets ladies, please do not just starve yourself to death and doing absolutely ZERO exercise to slim-down your bod cuz gurl, Im telliN’ ya now, it AiN’T GONNA WORK.

Ok back to my story on the injury and stuff, since I don’t have many assignments last week, I decided to join the guys playing rugby in the evening. My classmate, Wan Taiping helps coaching me with the basics of the game as I have not an ounce of knowledge regarding this game. So I went down to the field exactly at 5pm training and learning the basics with Wan Taiping. Eventually, the crowd of the field is getting merrier and as is Candice Michelle’s song, “All Eyes on me” playing in the air, all are eyes are indeed on me. People are buzzing, asking “hey, is that really Adini?!”. I was thinking of announcing “yes people, welcome to my rugby DEBUT”, but manage to hold that thought as I don’t wanna sound POYO nor annoying like Ah Chong whom are a lil annoying at times, but nonetheless funny and. . . err. . what else is the good quality that this guy have huh? :-P
On my very first day not only I successfully perform a “TRY” (FreakiN’ EXCiTiNG!!) but “scored” loads (I mean loads of scratch) on my left leg and thigh. Abdul Halim a.k.a Wong said it’s normal to “achieve” those scars and that I should be proud of it. . . . *TEETTTTTTTTTT*

Come my second day of playing this sport, hesitating to join as it is going to be a FRiENDLY MATCH and as I have stated before, this is ONLY MY SECOND DAY playing. Eventually I join and this time around, we get to tackle the opposition. Fast forward, I cleanly tackled Yamien by his waist and LOOK, NO iNJURiES! But hold on baby, lightning doesn’t always strike twice (pun intended). My second encounter with Yamien cost me to rock N’ ROLL around but I was on my feet way before I can say “arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” and run my ass off to support my team’s winger. Only after a while did I realize that I have done a lil’ bit of “scoring” on my lower body part, I have badly (how bad? REALLY BAD) tore the skin of my knee that its bleeding like there’s no tomorrow. Ok Ok, I am exaggerating but hey, it’s the worse I have ever had!

Alhamdulillah that it doesn’t hurt as bad and that I don’t really paying it much attention as I am too excited to go back to my HOME SWEET HOME the next day.

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .


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Kecian nyer. Take care tau

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