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About Me... My name is Adini.. Just turned 20 last Oct 5. . Life has been fuckiN' cruel to me for these past three years. . But I guess I am as strong as Fawwaz said. . Enduring it with total confidence yet excruciatingly painful. .

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Sufferings

My cheerfulness and upbeat personality seems to shine brightly these day that everyone believe I lead a felicitous life. But guess again. Wandering through deep inside me, no one other than my best-est buddy, TiKoS would have ever figure out the pain and sufferings I am enduring for the past 6 month. It hurts me so much that its eating me out alive. The damage that has been done left a huge hole in my heart. How could I mend this shattered piece? TiKoS have been persuading me to get back into the “market” (his terms of the dating scene) so that I could finally move on and forget you completely. To tell you the truth, I did try out once or twice. Nevertheless, I just can’t put myself in the picture whole-heartedly. None of them can match up. There’s always something wrong, something missing, something that doesn’t quite fit, something, something that I just can’t put to words. Who am I kidding, they are NOT in your league. They are just, NOT you. I don’t think I can and (get this) NEVER will find anyone who will be as honest as you did, trust me the way you did, cared for me the way you did and love me the way you did. . They just CAN’T. .

“Be strong”, a phrase that are often averred to me. I’m trying to be strong, I am being strong, NO, I AM STRONG. But if you think I could easily put off with what have happened, you’re dead wrong. Not in the mean time and not in the near future. Heck, I don’t think ever. .

The reason I am writing this is NOT to get back to what we had left off, but merely expressing my feelings and emotions that I have so long treasured. I am really glad that we are still together even though the status has changed, glad that you still love me and that you still care for me. I won’t deny that I am still crying for you every now and then. I just can’t help it, I miss you so much. .
I wanna thank you for straying me away from my sinful life
I wanna thank you for supporting me while I was down
I wanna thank you for being so kind to me and my family
and most of all, I wanna thank you for  giving me a taste of love, making me feel loved. No one has ever made me feel as special as you did..

For all those times you stood by me, for all the truth that you made me see, for all the joy you brought to my life, for all the wrong that you made right, for every dream you made come true, for all the love I found in you, I’ll be forever thankful, because you loved me. . .

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Love, My Life, My Everything. . .

aS Y-O-U caN sEe, mY LaTeSt ENtRy iS a BiT aRt-Sy & cOLOuRfuL. . weLL, tHiS is juST suMthiNg thaT i aM eXPeriMeNtiNg wiTh . . hoPeFuLLy You GuyS'LL LiKe iT. .
AnyHow, tHiS tiMe aRoUnd i aM POstiNg sOmeThiN' bOut't My bELoveD siBLiNgs. .
WRoTe tHiS oNe oUt cUz I fREaKiN' MiSs 'eM so MuCH!

Nazrin, Zulaikha, Nabilah and Fawwaz. How do I even begin? Well, for starts, these four people are the reason I could stand on my feet and be proud of who I am. They have always cheered me up when I was down and have totally rock my boring life. I could never imagine going through life without any one of them. Even the very thought of it could easily crushed my heart.  Throughout those whole years of fighting, crying and hardship together, we managed to pull it off excellently and become the person we are today. No words could describe the experience that we have endured, but one thing for sure, we are always there for each other. .



Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My best friend's FACEBOOK status update. .

It has been quite a while since I last updated my blog-post because I don't really have anything decent and worth reading writing that I could publish. . To make-up for the emptiness, here is a lil' something that I find so freakiN' funny. .!

Its my best-bud's Facebook Status update. .


Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My List of FAV iMs

Sometimes when I text people of even having voice conversation with others, I have the tendency to use IM and people will be like “what…..??”. Now I am not sure what IM means because I am introduced with this term by the movie Bring It On: All Or Nothing starring Hayden Panettiere (is that the correct spelling?). According to this movie IM is actually the substitution of phrase consisting three to five word with the initials of every word in the short sentence. Confused? Lemme’ give you an example. The easiest of em’ all, BFF; stands for Best Friends Forever. Got it? This language adds the code-ish sound to your conversation as it can really confuse others who’s eaves-dropping but personally, I don’t think y’all should use it publically while slandering others because not all people nowadays are that dick-headed (pun-intended) if you know what I mean. Here is the list of IMs that I often think of using but usually considering it as I freakiN’ “malas” wanna explain the IM in case my receivers don’t understand it.

B.F.H - B*tch From H**l

D.I.L.L.I.C - Do I Look Like I Care

F.A.T - Fabulous and Terrific

F.Y.I - For Your Information

G.T.F.O - Get The F**k Off

G.T.H - Go To H**L

I.D.K - I Don’t Know

I.D.G.A.D - I Don’t Give A Damn

I.D.T.S - I Don’t Think So

I.M.O - In My Opinion

K.M.A - Kiss My A*s

K.O.L - King Of Loserville

L.M.A.O - Laughing My A*s Off

L.O.L - Laugh Out Loud

M.O.T.L - More On That Later

M.Y.S.M - Miss You So Much

R.O.T.L.M.A.O - Roling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

T & A - T*ts & A*s

T.T.Y.L - Talk To You Later

P.D.A - Pretty Damn Angry / Public Display Of Affection

T.T.Y.S - Talk To You Soon

S.T.F.U - Shut The F**k Up

W.T.H - What The H**L

W.T.F - What The F**k

These are my list of IMs and I am sure there are more and better version out there. Apart from IMs, there are other code-ish words that I often use such as spelling the words (literally) or spell it in JAWi; Ja-AliF-Wau-Ya (Very good in determining whether or not a person can “smoothly” recite The Koran, LOL)

Ta-Ya-Lam-Lam Lam-Alif-Ta-Ra,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

My Injury

Not to brag or whatsoever, but for the past few weeks, I have been quite active in terms of staying healthy and keeping myself fit (hear that Queen A? Queen M? And yes you there whom have been practicing your sleeping skills XD)
Let see, I’ve been sweating like a cat (I chose cat instead of *you know what* cuz it is cuter and cleaner) in the gym once a week for 2 weeks in a row with my junior (Syuk, Athirah & Ana) and dance to various beats with the fan in my room turned off (so that I can sweat even more). Seriously guys, dancing in the heat is one the best way to attained a sexy (seksi kerr..?) figure and keeping it without so much of extreme diets. And speaking of diets ladies, please do not just starve yourself to death and doing absolutely ZERO exercise to slim-down your bod cuz gurl, Im telliN’ ya now, it AiN’T GONNA WORK.

Ok back to my story on the injury and stuff, since I don’t have many assignments last week, I decided to join the guys playing rugby in the evening. My classmate, Wan Taiping helps coaching me with the basics of the game as I have not an ounce of knowledge regarding this game. So I went down to the field exactly at 5pm training and learning the basics with Wan Taiping. Eventually, the crowd of the field is getting merrier and as is Candice Michelle’s song, “All Eyes on me” playing in the air, all are eyes are indeed on me. People are buzzing, asking “hey, is that really Adini?!”. I was thinking of announcing “yes people, welcome to my rugby DEBUT”, but manage to hold that thought as I don’t wanna sound POYO nor annoying like Ah Chong whom are a lil annoying at times, but nonetheless funny and. . . err. . what else is the good quality that this guy have huh? :-P
On my very first day not only I successfully perform a “TRY” (FreakiN’ EXCiTiNG!!) but “scored” loads (I mean loads of scratch) on my left leg and thigh. Abdul Halim a.k.a Wong said it’s normal to “achieve” those scars and that I should be proud of it. . . . *TEETTTTTTTTTT*

Come my second day of playing this sport, hesitating to join as it is going to be a FRiENDLY MATCH and as I have stated before, this is ONLY MY SECOND DAY playing. Eventually I join and this time around, we get to tackle the opposition. Fast forward, I cleanly tackled Yamien by his waist and LOOK, NO iNJURiES! But hold on baby, lightning doesn’t always strike twice (pun intended). My second encounter with Yamien cost me to rock N’ ROLL around but I was on my feet way before I can say “arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” and run my ass off to support my team’s winger. Only after a while did I realize that I have done a lil’ bit of “scoring” on my lower body part, I have badly (how bad? REALLY BAD) tore the skin of my knee that its bleeding like there’s no tomorrow. Ok Ok, I am exaggerating but hey, it’s the worse I have ever had!

Alhamdulillah that it doesn’t hurt as bad and that I don’t really paying it much attention as I am too excited to go back to my HOME SWEET HOME the next day.

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Girl

If you are thinking it’s the Korean Drama which was a hit once upon a time then you are 100% in league with me. I took this series for the second time (deleted the 1st time cuz was too hurt from the break up) from my class mate, Aina while heading back to Ampang last Thursday (yes, in the middle of the bus ride). I only get the chance to watch it last night and manage to finish it by Isyak just now (ye, aku sempat solat maghrib lah ), skipped a few (no make that most of the) scene and did a few rounds of crying session. Cry baby? I.D.T.S

Well, there is a story behind it. You see, the last time I watched this beautiful comedic-drama is when I was with my honeyboo back in the year 2009 (leyh, baru setahun). My ex was the one recommending this drama and after a lil’ hesitation I drag myself to copy the whole series from my neighboring friend and lemme tell you, the drama in my opinion has its own level off “doziness” depending on the plot. The exposition was quite interesting as it shows the cuteness of the main antagonist (cute ke ko? Well, if HB thinks she’s cute, who am I to deny kan…. Hehe) but the rising action was a total snooze. I mean, c’mon enough with the cute stuff will ya Ju Yoo Rin? Coming towards the climax and the falling action was beautifully written even though it is very predictable (you know, typical drama, same goes for Hindi movies la). Overall, the drama was EFFiNG AWESOME and no denial that I kept on replaying the final scene (am talking bout’ the one in the elevator) over and over again for the next couple of days (and once while” menggedik” with my honeyboo :-P).

The point of me writing this post complete with a short review on MY GiRL ? LMAO
Nothing really, I just want to kill my time in this lonely room. Can’t really do a thing here as I have badly injured my knee in the last rugby match. More on that soon…

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Attempt of Posting None-Academic Opinion Blog-post

As the tittle stated, yes this is my first attempt. .
Well, not quite actually if you count the previous 2 years blog-post I have made in Myspace bout DAMN-ing this *tut* (check this out)

Loads have happen in the past few years that has made me even stronger than ever. Friends come and go, losing my greatest love to a total bitch (yeah I am talking bout' cha you evil-perky-whore), dealing with family crisis as well as with mates who I just can't see why are so effing jealous of me. Honestly dudes, I got nothing to be envious about. What you guys have done was totally out of boundaries and I swear to god, if I ever found out who was the one who is responsible for putting up those fake pictures of me on the college computer labs, I will make sure there's a hell for y'all to pay. Anyhow, more on that later.

Just finish my Subuh prayer and thinking of having breakfast at McD later before going back to my DEAREST COLLEGE.
Haven't bought the ticket though, hopefully I can manage to score two as Aina is counting on me (told her I've bought the ticket, truth is, I was busy watching Ugly Betty through my laptop when she called. . XD)

Anyway, I should pause for a while seeing that I haven't even pack my stuffs yet (what stuff? Ain't its just my laptop and blow-dryer? Oh, and summathose items that I manage to sneak out from my bro & sistas's closet. . lol, THANKS NAZ, ZuZu & aBieL)

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

ps: I miss my "Salah Kereta"
You know who you are. .