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About Me... My name is Adini.. Just turned 20 last Oct 5. . Life has been fuckiN' cruel to me for these past three years. . But I guess I am as strong as Fawwaz said. . Enduring it with total confidence yet excruciatingly painful. .

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Sufferings

My cheerfulness and upbeat personality seems to shine brightly these day that everyone believe I lead a felicitous life. But guess again. Wandering through deep inside me, no one other than my best-est buddy, TiKoS would have ever figure out the pain and sufferings I am enduring for the past 6 month. It hurts me so much that its eating me out alive. The damage that has been done left a huge hole in my heart. How could I mend this shattered piece? TiKoS have been persuading me to get back into the “market” (his terms of the dating scene) so that I could finally move on and forget you completely. To tell you the truth, I did try out once or twice. Nevertheless, I just can’t put myself in the picture whole-heartedly. None of them can match up. There’s always something wrong, something missing, something that doesn’t quite fit, something, something that I just can’t put to words. Who am I kidding, they are NOT in your league. They are just, NOT you. I don’t think I can and (get this) NEVER will find anyone who will be as honest as you did, trust me the way you did, cared for me the way you did and love me the way you did. . They just CAN’T. .

“Be strong”, a phrase that are often averred to me. I’m trying to be strong, I am being strong, NO, I AM STRONG. But if you think I could easily put off with what have happened, you’re dead wrong. Not in the mean time and not in the near future. Heck, I don’t think ever. .

The reason I am writing this is NOT to get back to what we had left off, but merely expressing my feelings and emotions that I have so long treasured. I am really glad that we are still together even though the status has changed, glad that you still love me and that you still care for me. I won’t deny that I am still crying for you every now and then. I just can’t help it, I miss you so much. .
I wanna thank you for straying me away from my sinful life
I wanna thank you for supporting me while I was down
I wanna thank you for being so kind to me and my family
and most of all, I wanna thank you for  giving me a taste of love, making me feel loved. No one has ever made me feel as special as you did..

For all those times you stood by me, for all the truth that you made me see, for all the joy you brought to my life, for all the wrong that you made right, for every dream you made come true, for all the love I found in you, I’ll be forever thankful, because you loved me. . .

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .


Judiene said...
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Judiene said...

uiks, da bleh komen

be strong!
ur strong guy
kan?? kan??

Anonymous said...

relaks bro...life still long.,,,jgn sedih2...

Anonymous said...

no matter wut u will be my best buddy forever!!!!!
salam sayang dri semot!!

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