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About Me... My name is Adini.. Just turned 20 last Oct 5. . Life has been fuckiN' cruel to me for these past three years. . But I guess I am as strong as Fawwaz said. . Enduring it with total confidence yet excruciatingly painful. .

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Attempt of Posting None-Academic Opinion Blog-post

As the tittle stated, yes this is my first attempt. .
Well, not quite actually if you count the previous 2 years blog-post I have made in Myspace bout DAMN-ing this *tut* (check this out)

Loads have happen in the past few years that has made me even stronger than ever. Friends come and go, losing my greatest love to a total bitch (yeah I am talking bout' cha you evil-perky-whore), dealing with family crisis as well as with mates who I just can't see why are so effing jealous of me. Honestly dudes, I got nothing to be envious about. What you guys have done was totally out of boundaries and I swear to god, if I ever found out who was the one who is responsible for putting up those fake pictures of me on the college computer labs, I will make sure there's a hell for y'all to pay. Anyhow, more on that later.

Just finish my Subuh prayer and thinking of having breakfast at McD later before going back to my DEAREST COLLEGE.
Haven't bought the ticket though, hopefully I can manage to score two as Aina is counting on me (told her I've bought the ticket, truth is, I was busy watching Ugly Betty through my laptop when she called. . XD)

Anyway, I should pause for a while seeing that I haven't even pack my stuffs yet (what stuff? Ain't its just my laptop and blow-dryer? Oh, and summathose items that I manage to sneak out from my bro & sistas's closet. . lol, THANKS NAZ, ZuZu & aBieL)

Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .

ps: I miss my "Salah Kereta"
You know who you are. .


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