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About Me... My name is Adini.. Just turned 20 last Oct 5. . Life has been fuckiN' cruel to me for these past three years. . But I guess I am as strong as Fawwaz said. . Enduring it with total confidence yet excruciatingly painful. .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Love, My Life, My Everything. . .

aS Y-O-U caN sEe, mY LaTeSt ENtRy iS a BiT aRt-Sy & cOLOuRfuL. . weLL, tHiS is juST suMthiNg thaT i aM eXPeriMeNtiNg wiTh . . hoPeFuLLy You GuyS'LL LiKe iT. .
AnyHow, tHiS tiMe aRoUnd i aM POstiNg sOmeThiN' bOut't My bELoveD siBLiNgs. .
WRoTe tHiS oNe oUt cUz I fREaKiN' MiSs 'eM so MuCH!

Nazrin, Zulaikha, Nabilah and Fawwaz. How do I even begin? Well, for starts, these four people are the reason I could stand on my feet and be proud of who I am. They have always cheered me up when I was down and have totally rock my boring life. I could never imagine going through life without any one of them. Even the very thought of it could easily crushed my heart.  Throughout those whole years of fighting, crying and hardship together, we managed to pull it off excellently and become the person we are today. No words could describe the experience that we have endured, but one thing for sure, we are always there for each other. .



Till Later,

You’ve Got a Piece O’ Me. .


NABEEL said...

comelnyaaa AKU

Anonymous said...

fawwaz is ur brother? OMG! dengg...LOL!

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